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Joe Browder

 Collegiality and Courtesy are the magic words to success for this list.
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I thought people would want to know that Joe died of cancer on Sunday in Maryland. He was an unbelievably dogged activist, and he won some amazing battles for the Everglades, Big Cypress, Biscayne Bay and the rest of the ecosystem. As one of the Everglades jetport pushers memorably described him (and Nat Reed!), Joe was a "white militant." He could be intense and ferocious and, let's face it, abrasive, but he was a good man with a powerful moral code. He could be a softie, too; he was always sweet to my family.

Joe was 78, and the earth is in better shape than it would have been if he had never been on it.

There's going to be some kind of memorial service in November.

Arthur R Marshall



In Remembrance

Buddy Blain


Friends of Buddy Blain will be saddened to learn that Buddy passed Wednesday, July 20, after a long illness and a recent stroke. Final arrangements are in the planning stages and will be posted when we learn them. For those of you long engaged in Florida’s decades of struggle to properly manage, protect and preserve its water and remaining natural systems, the passing of Buddy will remind us of the importance of continuing the work. It is never done.  Here’s a response I made to a lady who worked at SWFWMD when Buddy was a giant in the water management world and asked to know more about his role.  It was posted on the district’s SWFWMD Alumni Facebook page:


2015 International Student Essay Contest on “Goals for a Better World.” Winner essay

Phil Buchanan

It wasn’t just Pine Island that lost a champion when Phil Buchanan died. So did the Caloosahatchee, firefighters and the feral cats of the Stringfellow Road Winn-Dixie.

“Such a tragic loss,” said longtime Southwest Florida environmental educator Bill Hammond. “He’s always been an inspiration to me, with his passion and commitment.”

Buchanan, 72, was found dead in his Saint James City home Thursday. A cause of death has not yet been released.

A major lesson of Buchanan’s life, Hammond says, is how much one motivated person can accomplish. Buchanan helped defend and revise Pine Island’s original land use plan, written by Gene and Ellie Boyd in the 1980s. Thanks in large part to Buchanan's efforts, Pine Island retains much of its laid-back, low-rise rural character.

Gary Braasch

Award-winning American environmental photographer Gary Braasch died on Monday while snorkeling at the northern end of the Great Barrier Reef.

Braasch, 70, from Portland, Oregon, was snorkeling with a companion at the Australian Museum's Lizard Island Research Station, the museum said in a statement. He was documenting the effect of climate change on the reef.

The cause of death was not immediately clear. Queensland police had been notified and were investigating, the museum added.

A Nikon "Legend Behind the Lens" photographer, Braasch was an active climate change campaigner and had received many major awards and citations for his work.

Cypress Cove Conservancy

Photo Credit: 
Cypress Cove Conservancy
Cypress Cove Conservancy

Backcountry Fly Fishers

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Backcountry Fly Fishers
Backcountry Fly Fishers
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