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[TRAINING] National Association of Interpreters (NAI) certified interpretive guide training


CHNEP Environmental Education Workshop. Photo by Annisa Karim.
The Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program (CHNEP) is hosting a National Association of Interpreters (NAI) certified interpretive guide training with the help of the Florida Aquarium whose staff will teach this four-day course and Sarasota County who are providing the facility. The training will be held August 23-26, 2016, at the Lemon Bay Park in Englewood. (The hours are not yet confirmed.)
Please send this message to others you think may have an interest in attending.
Certification is a way to document that you possess skills and knowledge that allow you to perform effectively in the interpretive profession. The Certified Interpretive Guide program is designed for anyone who delivers interpretive programs to the public. It combines both the theoretical foundations of the profession with practical skills in delivering quality interpretive programming to visitors. This 32-hour course includes:
  • history, definition, and principles of interpretation
  • information on how to make your programs purposeful, enjoyable, relevant, organized, and thematic 
  • education on using tangible objects to connect audiences to intangible ideas and universal concepts in interpretive programs 
  • presentation and communication
  • certification requirements (50-question literature review; program outline; 10-minute
  • all materials, workbook, and CIG course textbook
Requirements by NAI for the CIG Course: Anyone age 16 or over with a desire to increase their knowledge and skills related to interpretation may participate.
Requirements by CHNEP for this course: This training is offered to those whose work (paid or volunteer) somehow helps protect the natural environment of southwest Florida, thereby helping to fulfill the CHNEP plan to protect the environment. We ask everyone who applies to complete a project that furthers the CHNEP plan to protect the environment as defined by CHNEP ( by Dec. 31. You are asked to submit a report and any products prepared to CHNEP by Dec. 31.
Process and Costs: This is a two-step registration process -- first with CHNEP (using the form at then with NAI. When you register with NAI, payment to them will be required. The CHNEP will review all requests received by Monday, May 16. Those accepted will receive an email message from maran@chnep with registration guidance for NAI. If space is available after May 16 and more requests are received, the CHNEP will again review all requests received by June 13. It is CHNEP's hope that the 30 places available will be taken by those who will commit to a project that somehow furthers the CHNEP.
The CHNEP, with support from Florida Aquarium and Sarasota County, is underwriting the cost of this course ($380+) except annual membership to NAI ($150) and certification ($10). Lunch will be provided each day but your time, travel and any other expenses incurred will not be covered. To be considered, complete the registration form associated with this event.
You may wish to have some of your responses already written so that you may copy and paste them into the form.
Remember, by registering on this page you are only letting CHNEP know of your interest in attending this training. You will also be required to follow the NAI registration process.
Thank you for helping to protect the natural environment of southwest Florida.
Maran Brainard Hilgendorf, Communications Manager
Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program
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A partnership to protect the natural environment of Florida from Venice to Bonita Springs to Winter Haven