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[Volunteer] Teacher training

choolYard WILDLife & Project WILD: Teacher Training

When:   Thursday, July 21, 9 AM - 3 PM (2 FREE trainings/6 hours)

Where:   Moccasin Lake Nature Park Education Center, Clearwater

Register by 5 pm, July 14Click here to confirm your spot!

For K-6 grade teachers, formal and informal educators. Space is limited to 15 participants. Participants must complete 6-hour training to be certified and FREE "Schoolyard WILDlife" curriculum/activity guide. Please note: "Flying WILD" curriculum is available only through Project WILD's national office.

These workshops have been created for classroom teachers and informal educators, nature center employees, scout leaders, and home school educators, to help students learn about their natural environment.

The Project WILD curriculum introduces children to the importance of wildlife conservation through wildlife-based environmental education.  

For more information, go to PROJECT WILD Training or email Jeanne Murphy, Sensing Nature, at