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Dr. Bob Stonerock

Bob Stonerock, longtime president of the Florida Renewable Energy Association (FREA), has passed away.
Bob spent the last decade of his life battling lung disease, but only in the last few months did it barely slow down his boundless energy for contributing to the greater good of the world. Just days before he passed he was still writing and contributing to the collective good.
I have been fortunate to have had many hour-long+ conversations with Bob over the past ten years, and we are all so very grateful for his contribution to Florida and to the clean energy movement.
As the article in the Orlando Sentinel notes, Bob was a scientist first. He had limited patience for people who dismissed climate science. He pulled no punches when you talked to him in person, and was only slightly more reserved in his writing. Professionally, Bob was a kidney specialist. We spent at least an hour on the phone once which resulted in me giving up Diet Coke for good.
Bob was the ultimate pragmatist and he believed in pure, empirical science. Bob didn't just talk the talk, he walked the walk. A Solar Tour of his home showed off solar panels all over the house and energy experiments abound. He was one of the very first people in Florida to own a Chevy Volt and he charged it with solar panels.
Bob was a true champion for clean energy and on behalf of FlaSEIA and FARE we offer our deepest sympathy to his wife and family, and to those he    worked closest with at FREA. We look forward to seeing all the FREA members this weekend at the Solar Tour, and taking a moment to celebrate the life of an extraordinary human being.
This week, do something Bob would do - maybe produce a little less impact on our natural environment, drink a little less caffeine, or tell a friend or neighbor what they can do to make Florida a better place. If we all lead by example like Bob, the world will be a much better place.